Caller ID Hosted PBX Phone System Feature

Get a hosted PBX phone system with caller ID routing feature

Caller ID Routing allows incoming calls to be forwarded to the appropriate employee, voice menu or business location, depending on the originating phone number. For example, you may require that calls from specific customers be directed to your personal mobile phone, or sales calls from different geographic locations be automatically directed to local sales agents.

Caller Routing implements a simple “Yes/No” logic based on whether the originating phone number matches a phone number configured in the Caller Routing object. This object must be connected to two child objects such as Person or Voice Menu objects to which calls are forwarded according to this “Yes/No” logic. When the cables to the child objects are generated, they are automatically labeled "Yes" and "No" respectively. The “Yes” option defines the routing of calls if the originating phone number matches a phone number included in the Caller Routing object, and the “No” option defines the routing in the case of a failure in the phone number match.

The information to be entered for this object is:

The name of the Caller Routing object.

The phone number/s required for the routing logic.Clicking on the  icon on this object allows you to add phone numbers for the routing logic.

Phone numbers must be entered in E.164 format <CountryCode> <City/AreaCode> <LocalNumber> and there may be multiple phone numbers per Caller Routing object.

Phone number prefix codes may be used as wildcards (minimum length of 2 numbers), and this is useful for the routing of calls on a geographic basis.

If necessary, phone numbers previously added to the Caller Routing object may be deleted by clicking on the  icon to the right of the number.

A simple usage example of the Caller Routing object is shown below. If the incoming call is received from a number listed in the Caller Routing object (1-212-555-6789 or prefix 1-518), then the call is forwarded to Mike Brown (connected to the “Yes” cable); otherwise, the call is forwarded along the “No” logical cable to the secretary.

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