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Configuring the PBX Phone System for use with our Mobile App (


In other to use our mobile app, you must have done the following?

  1. Set your virtual phone number forwarding option to PBX phone system
  2. Configure your number in PBX panel
  3. Install the Mobile Application
  4. Receiving and Making calls with the Mobile App


1 - Set your virtual phone number forwarding option to PBX phone system

If you have not ordered a number with us yet, please get one before folowing the below steps.

If you already ordered a virtual phone number from us, make sure the number is forwarded to PBX phone system. To check that, please login to your account and go to MY ACCOUNT >> My Phone Numbers. There, you will be able to access the number in question by clicking on the "Details" button.

My Virtual Phone Numbers






2 - Configure your number in PBX panel

Add a Phone Number

Launch the PBX phone system panel from your account menu: MY ACCOUNT >> PBX Phone System >> Launch PBX Phone System Panel

If the PBX interface ever fails to load in your web browser, clear your cache and other temporary internet files. Moreover, if you use a browser that does not automatically update Flash (e.g. Firefox), then ensure that you are running its latest version.

Are you using Mac?
Flash is required to launch the PBX phone system panel, however Safari does not support flash.
You can use Chrome for OS X. Chrome browser has it's own version of Flash integrated.

Please check this URL:
If "Download Chrome for another platform" clicked, it allows to download the OS X version

  • Find the "Phone Number" object in the features palette and drag it onto the workspace.
  • Click the gear icon to configure it.
  • When you open the Phone Number object for configuration, a list of previously purchased, unused DIDs (virtual numbers) will be displayed (including country and area codes). You may click on any of these phone numbers to select the DID that must be allocated to this object.

phone object pbx phone system panel  phonr number pbx phone number    phone number with pbx phone system panel


Add a Person

  • Find the "Person" object in the features palette and drag it onto the workspace.
  • Click the gear icon to configure it.
  • Enter a name in the popup window and click on pbx-phone-system-tick.jpg, then "VOIP -> Device" as your forwarding option.

person pbx phone system panel  person object in pbx phone system panel

name with pbx phone system    Screen_Shot_1.png


  • Here, you can view all the SIP details you will need. If you want your device to be able to call outbound (outgoing calls), then select your virtual number in the Outbound Caller ID drop down option.
  • Check the Acknowledge "No 911/E911/112 service" box
  • Ensure to click “Create” button then "Close" button.


screen_shot_4.png   screen_shot_5.png


Link the Phone Number object to the Person object

phone and person object in pbx phone system



3 - Installing the Mobile Application

This application is available for the iOS (Apple) and Android operating systems. Links to the sites for downloading these applications may be accessed by searching for the term " pbx mobile" on the Apple App Store (iTunes) or Google Play web sites.

In GooglePlay / AppStore please search pbx mobile

virtual phone numbers andriod app   virtual phone numbers iphone app

Once the iOS or Android PBX Phone System Mobile Application has been installed, launch the application and continue as follows:

  • Optionally read the general information on this product and then click the "Authorize" button to synchronize the PBX Phone System Mobile Application with your PBX Phone System voice system.
    Cloud PBX Phone Systems Mobile App
  • There are two methods of synchronization, either via a QR (Quick Response) code or by manually entering a PIN code.
    Cloud PBX Phone Systems Mobile App

For either method, you are required to login to your account on your PC and launch the panel via MY ACCOUNT >> PBX Phone System >> Launch PBX Phone System panel. Note that you must have an active phone number with us in order to continue.

In order to generate the QR or PIN codes, access your PBX Phone System panel on a PC and click on the Palette 4 button located at the bottom of the left Palette menu.

pbx phone system menu   pbx phone system settings


Clicking on this button causes a window with a QR code and PIN to be displayed as shown below.

Cloud PBX Phone Systems Mobile App

The QR and PIN information generated is valid for 15 minutes and may only be used for a single activation of the PBX Phone System Mobile Application. If you wish to use the QR code, then direct the camera of your mobile device towards the PC screen where that code is being displayed. The PBX Phone System Mobile Application will automatically read and validate the QR code. If you use the PIN code for authorization, you may manually enter that code into your mobile device. Alternatively, click on the generated PIN code on your PC so as to copy that code to a clipboard, and then forward that information to your mobile device for further use.


4 - Receiving and Making calls with the Mobile App

To receive or make calls with the app is very easy. Receiving incoming calls via our mobile app is totally 100% FREE. Note that there is a per minute charged for any out going call made. Charges differ from the country and operator called.

Before receiving incoming calls or making outgoing calls, please do the following:

On the mobile application, goto the settings menu and select

  • My VOIP Line > put your voip device online
  • My Caller IDs > select your virtual phone number

NOTE: The Voip device should now be green as shown on the below image. This indicates that your mobile app is connected to your PBX phone system account. 

pbx phone system linked

To make outgoing calls, launch the mobile application and open the Dialer. Enter the phone number to be called in an international format. NOTEthat the number should NOT include 00 or +. Only enter the country code followed by the full phone number, then press the VOIP button at the bottom right to place your calls. For example: dial 17187703665 to call our US number, 442037699519 to call our UK number, 27115682441 to call our South African number etc

Your app is now ready to receive calls and make outgoing calls as well :)