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Understanding SIP Phone Dial Plans

Your phone likely has a setting called “Dial Plan” or “Digit Map.” Manufacturers sometimes refer to it differently, but the value always resembles the following:


Often, a timeout field accompanies this sequence (i.e. “3|3|3|3”).

A dial plan tells the device what numbers to expect in a phone number. In other words, how the phone interrupts the entered digits and performs the call.

A wrongly configured dial plan could cause issues. For instance, it could result in the phone not accepting certain country codes or recognizing internal numbers.

Why Set a Dial Plan

  • Verify phone numbers, city prefixes and country codes
  • Permit speed dialing and/or local dialing
  • Restrict calling to specific destinations

While we do not support dial plans, the example sequence above can correct dial plan problems. If you experiment with the syntax, revert to the code if issues arise.