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How to Check If Your IP Address Has Been Banned

If you cannot register to Cloud PBX (PBXww) SIP accounts and all of the details are correct, you might be IP banned.

IP bans happen when a SIP client attempts to connect to a SIP service with incorrect credentials. Commonly, a mistyped username or password is to blame. Similarly, a password that has been reset on the account and no longer matches the client.

IP bans are automatic mechanisms used to avoid brute force attacks to gain unauthorized access. Please follow the instruction below to determine if your IP address has been banned.

Ping the SIP Server

  1. Open the command prompt on a computer within the same network as the VoIP clients. On Windows 7, go to the "Run" option and type "cmd". On Windows 8, press the Windows key and type "cmd" plus Enter. Apple computers have a "Terminal" that serves the same purpose as the command prompt.
  2. Ping the server address to which your SIP client is attempting to connect. Do this by typing "ping" (screenshot below).


  3. If you see anything except for successful pings, then your IP address has been banned. Commonly, it will say "Request timed out" or "Destination port unreachable" if the ping fails. A successful ping will resemble the screenshot below.


If Your IP Address Is Banned

Please submit a support ticket and let us know your IP address so that we may get your IP unblocked promptly.

It is essential that you figure out why your IP address was banned in the first place. If you have a "rogue" softphone that keeps attempting to connect with bad credentials, you will continuously get banned. Once you are IP banned, think back to the latest changes (i.e. VoIP client configuration) to determine which clients may be problematic.